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Window cleaning in Chester

We're window cleaning in Chester with modern cleaning equipment. Our thorough exterior cleaning brings your whole house back to its best, not just the windows. We're window cleaners for Chester, including Hoole, Newton, Mickle Trafford, Ewloe, Deeside, Boughton, Upton, Huntington, Christleton, and Guilden Sutton areas.

Window cleaners and cleaning specialists in Chester and surrounding areas.

"We offer free window cleaning with our gutter cleaning service."

House Proud is insured, professional and built from scratch via recommendations from our earliest customers.

5-star reviewed.

Google rated 4.9 / 4.9 from 48 customer reviews, 10 good reviews on TrustBurn, 34 likes on Facebook, and proudly listed on ThreeBestRated.

See the difference.

1. On the first visit, I remove residue of washing-up liquid and dirty frames built up over the years from traditional window cleaning.

2. You'll notice the difference because your glass will look streak-free and flawlessly clean. Frames, sills, doors, and other features too.

3. Most of our present customers enjoy a bi-monthly cleaning service. A regular window clean schedule may be possible, or text me when you need me again.

4. We offer a year-round clean home.

High-reach window cleaners.

As a ground-operated system, no ladders are required to clean, thus eliminating the health and safety aspect of ladder-based window cleaning. Customers who use my water-fed pole system are happier that I can reach difficult-to-reach windows.

My modern solar-powered Carbon-fibre system can extend to reach as high as the roofline in most cases. This equipment offers the ability to clean the whole property, not just the windows.

The critical aspect of this system is the osmosis-based filtration system, which allows the water to evaporate away after cleaning without particles affecting the finish. This service will keep your home in pristine condition, safely, efficiently, and without fuss. Therefore, I encourage you to see the difference for yourself. My service is so good you'll be recommending me to your friends or family.

Windows cleaner for longer.

Apart from the issues raised, another problem that traditional window cleaning has underlined is longevity after cleaning. Try our wash n' reach window cleaning service. Ordinary tap water will result in white streaks after the water has dried. My water has been filtered twice, once before entering the pump and through an Osmosis process.

Another problem with traditional window cleaning is longevity. Many have to do a monthly service for this reason. The reason for this difference is simple. The washing-up liquid leaves a residue even after the squeegee. This residue becomes magnetic for particles in the air. Pure water systems leave no residue. The difference becomes apparent as my customer's windows are clean after a month. This reason is why I offer a two-monthly service.

Chester's most recommended.

An embryonic House Proud built upon recommendations. I go as far as to clean all the hard-to-reach areas of a property, including the gutters, downpipes, and paintwork. This extra level of service led to new recommendations.

Why no ladders?

HSE guidelines state that ground-operated cleaning systems are vital. As a homeowner, you don't want to find your window cleaner injured or worse in your garden.

The importance of cleaning UPVC.

Sun exposure causes premature aging of your PVC windows. UVA sun-baking can change your white features to grey. Our window cleaning keeps your windows, doors, and other plastic features - white.

Chester's most recommended.

Discover why I'm the best local gutter and driveway cleaner in Chester.

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