House Proud Driveway & Gutter Cleaning.

Chester's local driveway and gutter cleaners

Life's winding road brought me to the beautiful City of Chester.

They say that mind and body are connected, and I found this as my fitness grew through hard physical work. The joy of working outside and in some of the city's most beautiful gardens is a perk of the job that I did not expect. Today, I feel privileged to work in this beautiful city.

Fantastic driveway and gutter cleaners in Chester.

"Brightening up your world."

Thankfully, all this allowed me to spend extra time with my Son. This attitude led me to become Chester's most recommended gutter cleaner. A gutter cleaning service that others can merely imitate.

I believe gutter cleaning services should be about keeping the whole external house clean. The responses and feedback from customers have been fantastic.

The first year.

I established my solar-powered exterior cleaning business, and what a first year it had been.

I remember my first day with a bag full of freshly printed business cards and nothing but a belly full of anticipation and determination in equal measures. I set off on my bike to find houses with dirty windows. Unfortunately, I finished that day weary, deflated, and wondering if I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

With state-of-the-art equipment installed, I had already invested all I had in the embryonic House Proud. With a fast-growing baby getting bigger by the day, I knew getting my website into Google's good books would take time, so I got out and about to find those crucial first customers.

I remember vividly that one new customer seemed to lead to another, almost like following a trail of breadcrumbs. People paid me extra to clean other external features using my high-reach system. People wanted me to clean conservatories, clear gutters, and powerwash driveways and patios. I was growing and diversifying.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I noticed a local window cleaning competitor had begun offering full external cleans. Before me, they didn't provide such a service. Where most window cleaners only clean the glass, I ensure your exterior looks its best.

We're still the original and always the best.

Stuart Lovatt
House Proud Driveway & Gutter Cleaning
44 Panton Road, Chester CH2 3HX.
01244 722 607

Est. 2012.