We're fantastic gutter cleaners in Chester

"We're gutter cleaners for Chester-based customers (including surrounding areas), ranging from prestige homes to modest bungalows. We're spring cleaning all year round with our fantastic cleaning service."

Gutter cleaning specialists in the Chester area by House Proud.

Chester's most recommended.

5-star reviewed.
House Proud Window & Gutter Cleaning Rated 5.0 / 5.0 based on 25 reviews. | Review Me

  • Gutters cleaned inside and out.
  • Fascia, soffits, windows cleaned too.
  • Affordable rates.

"Great work. Glad to see my house back to its prime. Wished I'd done it years ago."

House Proud is insured, professional and built from scratch via recommendations from our earliest customers.

We're the original and always the best.

In addition to Gutter cleaning:

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5 years of window, gutters and driveway cleaning.

We're window cleaning in Chester too

Our external property cleaning service will leave your whole house looking all shiny and new again. Window, gutter and driveway cleaning for the House Proud.

We're proud window cleaners for Hoole, Newton, Saltney, Mickle Trafford, Boughton, Upton, Huntington, Christleton, Guilden Sutton areas.

See the difference.

How many times have you seen a house with clean windows, but dirty frames and doors? I clean the whole window, frames, doors and offer an external cleaning service too. House Proud window cleaners were born from the dissatisfaction that bucket and rag cleaning can bring.

A smear free shine every time.

On-demand or 8-weekly?

My increasingly popular 8-weekly service means your windows stay cleaner for longer plus the added benefit of saving money. Many of my customers have cut their window clean bill by half.

Ask me for more details.

I use the 'high-reach' water-fed pole system.

This water-fed window cleaning system uses only pure-water to absorb dust and dirt better than any dirty rag and bucket. This technology leaves a smear-free and a residue free surface and nothing but gleaming windows, even on hard to reach and high-reach places.

If I can reach it, I can clean it.

Keep your UPVC frames looking like new.

For anyone who has seen older UPVC plastic, the difference between newer plastic is stark. The sun burns in the dirt over time. Keeping your frames and sills clean also keeps them looking new long-term.

I clean your UPVC frames, sills and doors as standard.

Where traditional bucket and squeegee only clean the glass, this method of poles and pure-water ensures the frames, sills and glass are cleaned with no damage to your home or garden.

Why keep your UPVC frames clean?

I get asked all the time by new customers as to why their UPVC frames and doors are now off-white coloured or stained? If your windows spend most of their time with dirt/grime sat on the surface, then solar energy will burn the dirt into the soft plastic.

The more your plastic's exposed to dirt; the more off-white your windows will become.

The science bit.

Traditional window cleaners leave a thin layer of washing up liquid residue, which dirt and dust particles can cling. Pure-water systems use osmosis-filtered water (all particles and elements removed) is used on your window don't have this problem, so our windows do stay cleaner for longer.

Why I love window cleaning?

In my previous incarnation as a web developer, I loved what I did, but after 14 years of feeling boxed in my small home office, the exclusion was taking its toll. As a window cleaner, I am meeting new people each day and happy to be out and about, whatever the weather.

My eye for detail ensures your windows will be spotless.

The best window cleaners in Chester.

How many times have you seen a house with gleaming windows and dirty frames? I not only clean your frames, sills and doors but actively make sure your whole home's cleaned. I am not your average window cleaner.

Privacy & security.

I appreciate your home is your castle as well as your pride and joy. I will always knock before proceeding with any cleaning process and treat the safety of your home as a priority. Special arrangements can be made to ensure the safety of your property on request.

More importantly, no more 'confessions of a window cleaner' chat down the pub.

We're regularly recommended window cleaners.

See our window cleaning service

Gutter cleaning, but much better.

Gutter cleaners you'll recommend

Always be the best at what you do, even if you end up being a gutter cleaner son.

And so I am (in the Chester area anyway).

It's a small accolade that I'm proud of, so when it comes to customer satisfaction, I'm your man.

Long before I ever became a gutter cleaner myself, I always noticed what a terrible mess the whole process left behind. From high up above with the muddy looking guttering, to down below with mud spatters on the patio, path or driveway.

As Barry from the Cillit Bang commercial say's:

"There has to be a better way?"

Introducing my gutters clean service:

  • Ensure the inside of the guttering is scraped out and your down-pipes are flushed out.
  • Clean the outside of the gutters, fascia, soffits and down-pipes (unique to House Proud).
  • Clean other exterior features including windows, doors and conservatory (unique to House Proud).
  • Never leave the contents of your guttering on the floor.
  • Additionally, I also check the condition of your roof, which has from time to time saved my customers thousands of pounds from a potentially leaking roof (unique to House Proud).
  • A modern service from beginning to pay.

The importance of a fully functioning gutter system cannot be understated. Gutter systems, direct a cascading of water away from your roof and away from your brickwork. I regularly get contacted by people with damp issues inside the house because they failed to maintain their guttering.

We're regularly recommended gutter cleaning.

We are installers of gutter brushes or gutter guards.

The flow of the seasons bring a relentless stream of material into your guttering system, and much is deflected by using gutter brushes (commonly known as gutter guards).

These spiky lengths of prickly greatness are a real defence in the war against damp in your home. Keeping your gutter system performing it's best - summer or winter is imperative in the new age of climate uncertainty.

We can offer quotes for cleaning only or an installation of your new prickly family friend.

See our gutter cleaning service

Driveways brought back to life.

Chester's best driveway cleaners.

One of the unintended consequences of offering an exterior property cleaning service was the additional requests to clean driveways too.

The driveway of a property is the largest and the first thing that someone sees when approaching your doorbell, so it makes perfect sense that I offer this service too.

I love the satisfaction that comes with a completed and restored driveway because it makes such a lasting impact on the beauty of the property and garden.

To borrow a line from Barry's Cillit Bang again:

"Bang! And the dirt is gone."

Driveway cleaners and restorations:

  • Ensure your driveway and adjoining pathways are power-washed.
  • The importance of de-weeding and use of weed treatment to ensure.
  • Re-sand if necessary.
  • Additionally, sealing treatment can be arranged.
  • A full external clean of your property to complement your restored driveway (unique to House Proud).
  • A modern service from beginning to pay.

The importance of a professional driveway cleaner cannot be understated as I have seen many unprofessional examples in my time. The adage of "buy cheap; pay twice" is especially relevant when it comes to driveway restoration projects.

We're regularly recommended driveway cleaners.

See our driveway cleaning service

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

A job worth doing is a job worth doing right. If you are unhappy for any reason, then call me back and I will re-clean for free. Nobody has ever asked me because I do the job right the first time, every time.

5-star reviewed.
House Proud Window & Gutter Cleaning Rated 5.0 / 5.0 based on 25 reviews. | Review Me

Spring cleaning all year round.

Property cleaning for your pride and joy:

Stuart Lovatt
House Proud Window & Gutter Cleaning
44 Panton Road, Hoole, Chester CH2 3HX.
Call or text 07596 045 603


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