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In a nutshell - SEO (search engine optimisation) can and does help web sites rank higher up within the organic listings of Google and Bing search results. Spend less on your advertising costs long-term, by using my proven SEO strategy.

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Create a web site strategy.

What is SEO?

Google and Bing search engines, make many hundreds of changes to their algorithms, which then ranks or rates your web site accordingly. Failure for a business to keep up with those changes can and does lead to business failure.

If you use pay per click advertising, then you will understand how expensive that has become. A top rank in the organic search engine listing can save your business many thousands of pounds.

Your web site may already be doing well, but you could be doing far better.

The internet is changing.

Web site laws and search engine changes may affect your business web site.

Google updates

The latest round of Google changes has left a lot of business's feeling down this year. Alterations to algorithms have seen business web sites fall in Google's listings, especially those that depended heavily on SEO (search engine optimisation) services.

Stuart Lovatt, an independent search engine engineer since 1998, continues "Google has also made it clear that changes it makes to clear webspam from its listings will continue, so those who may not, have been affected yet, may still see their current positions fall or de-listed."

In the still-evolving world of the search engines, web sites that "over optimise" or overdo SEO rather than just making brilliant content will be most affected. To avoid the risk of being penalised, it's imperative you follow Google guidelines.

Make sure you are up to date with the latest SEO techniques, as these are forever changing, such as keyword stuffing, now frowned upon by the search engines. While SEO principles can help make a business web site better placed in search listings, there are plenty of "under-optimised" sites that are excellent and would benefit from some search optimisation.

The most significant up and coming alterations yet still to go live on the engines, is going to be more use of social network signals. Therefore the necessity of keeping up a robust social community on your web site is crucial.

These types of changes are easy to implement and once in place will leave your business web site more competitive for years to come.

Our web site audit and investigation service can help find any issues with your web site design, architecture or content, which may have occurred by the search engines moving the goal posts.

We also check your web site for modern web standards and practices.

My SEO assessments include a free cookie law compliance assessment.


A long-term strategy.

Search optimisation is not:


Your web site optimisation will require you to do some work alongside me. There is no magic solution.

Get rich quick schemes.

Think of optimisation as a long-term plan. Depending on your web site's content, it could be weeks, or it may take months.

Polished waffle.

My information is real and acquired over many years of experience.

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