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Window cleaners and external house cleaning in the Chester area.

Window cleaning at its best.

cleaners and cleaning specialists in Chester and surrounding areas.
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Fantastic window cleaners in Chester

"We're window cleaners in Chester with modern cleaning equipment. Our fantastic cleaning service brings your whole house back to its best (not just the windows)."

Window cleaners for Chester including Hoole, Newton, Mickle Trafford, Boughton, Upton, Huntington, Christleton and Guilden Sutton areas.

See the difference.

1. On the first visit, I remove the residue of washing-up liquid which may have built-up over the years from traditional window cleaning with a safer and more modern 'high-reach' wash system.

2. You will immediately notice the difference because your glass will look streak-free and flawless. Additionally, your frames, sill, doors and other external features cleaned too.

3. Because there isn't washing-up liquid on your glass, dirt particles have nothing to cling on to anymore, meaning your windows will look cleaner for much longer than traditional methods.

4. Enjoy the pride a clean home gives you.

"I highly recommend Stuart, as he has cleaned my windows for the past nine months now. He is reliable and a delightful person."

Advantages of a pure-water pole window cleaner

Many traditional window cleaners, clean the glass only while leaving your frames, sills and doors still dirty. As today's customers demand a better level of service, just my water-fed pole system will clean to modern standards.

Being a ground-operated system, no ladders are required to clean, thus eliminating the health and safety aspect of ladder-based window cleaning. The range for our system is up to 100 metres from the van so that we can reach any window with this system.

It is common that some customers who use me and my water-fed pole system, are happier that I can reach that out of the way window, or the window under the conservatory that their former cleaner could not reach.

The science bit.

My modern 'carbon-fibre' window cleaning system can extend to reach as high as your roof-line in most cases. This equipment gives me the ability to clean your whole external property and not just your window glass.

The critical aspect of this system is the water is carried onboard and fed through an osmosis based filtration system, which allows the water to evaporate away after cleaning without the worry of particles affecting the finish. The only reason a traditional window cleaner uses a squeegee is to scrape away dirty water that they use.

Being a keen solar panel enthusiast, I have modified my system to be powered using solar energy. This truly modern way to keep your home in pristine condition, safely, efficiently and without fuss.

I encourage you to try my window cleaning service and see the difference it makes to the aesthetics of your home. I can guarantee that you will be recommending me to your friends or family.

Affordable, yes.

High-reach, yes.

Modern, yes.

Privacy & security, yes.

Leave you impressed; definitely.

How do your windows stay cleaner for longer?

Traditional window cleaners leave a thin layer of washing up liquid residue, which dirt and dust particles can cling on. Pure-water systems don't have this problem, so our windows do stay cleaner for longer.

Why don't you use ladders to clean my windows?

Health and safety at work directives according to current the HSE guidelines state ground operated cleaning systems are vital, plus as a homeowner, you don't want to find your window cleaner injured or worse in their garden.

How does pure-water clean my windows?

They say the simple answers are always the best. The water used to clean your windows is pure and filtered, (distilled water) no particles or mineral content will remain on your window once dried. The squeegee and bucket method is a very inefficient way of cleaning because you are continually trying to remove the dirty water you have used to clean the glass.

So you don't use ordinary tap water?

No, using tap water would result in white streaks after the water has dried. The water used has been filtered twice, once before entering the pump and secondly through a process of osmosis which removed all particles.

Can you clean my soffits and fascia boards?

In most cases yes. We get many a request to clean out of reach areas of my customer's homes. A quick look at your property should be enough to quote you.

The importance keeping your UPVC clean.

Sun exposure causes UPVC staining, and can prematurely age your windows. Leaving dirt particles on your white plastic will sun-bake them and change your white features grey and aged.

Window cleaning keeps your windows, doors and other UPVC features perfectly white.

Can you quote me without a property inspection?

Because properties vary so much in size and layouts and to avoid customer confusion or disappointment, I prefer not to give quotes without seeing your home first.

What else can you clean?

This high-reach system allows me to clean any of a property such as fascia boards and gutters too. I regularly clean for estate agents and landlords to help attract new tennants and home-buyers.

Can you do regular visits?

Indeed, and I can offer you monthly or 8-weekly appointments for your home or business.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

A job worth doing right. If you're unhappy for any reason, then I will re-clean for free. Nobody has ever asked me because I do the job right the first time.

5-star reviewed.
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