I love working in Chester (even as a gutter cleaner)

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As a proud Lancashire-born man, my love of Cheshire and its Roman capital Chester was love at first sight.

Not many people know that Jesus or 'King Essus' of Edessa got sent and imprisoned in Chester. The Roman equivalent of Guantanamo Bay in those times.

It's always interesting to know the history of a place you're residing in. A decade later, I never get bored of the Tudor-style buildings and still find new and exciting features when walking around.

I consider myself fortunate to live in Hoole, where it still has a village feel including the friendly local shops and leafy green parks for my son to enjoy.

The quality of the parks around this city is superb too. When I compare the facilities for children in my hometown to here, the difference is stark. I feel fortunate to be able to spend our time together here.

Another delight to living in Chester is only being half an hour away from Liverpool and Manchester with the beautiful North Wales Mountains. Time away from my cleaning duties sometimes involves enjoying my time in the various aspects of these cities, and the surrounding nature abound.

My favourite place in my newly adopted city is the White Horse Pub and race course on a sunny day because I can remember my war hero granddad watching the races by seeing those railway arches on a Saturday afternoon as I was growing up in Bolton.

Chester's network of cycle tracks that take you out into the surrounding countryside is something that I think many people take for granted and are unusual from many other towns and cities that I have visited. Again, another jewel in Chester's historic crown.

And of course, you can't talk about history without mentioning the Amphitheatre located smack bang in the middle of the city. This place has been brilliantly brought back to life by a fantastic mural that depicts its heyday through fifteen hundred years of its experience. It's great to see the herds of school children learning about the brutal reality of the human species.

There's only one aspect of my old life that I miss dearly, and that's living by the seaside and having the majesty of the Cumbrian hills strutting themselves in the distance. Despite this, walking along the infamous city walls and its neighbourly riverside walk does make a great replacement.

Living and working in Chester (even as a gutter cleaner) has been an absolute delight and I can't fault it other than its super-high house prices.

Nine out of ten ain't bad.

Today, I pride myself as being Chester's most recommended gutter cleaner, and I had to work hard to build a client base of awesome customers who support me to pursue a dream of a PV solar-powered world.

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