Not all window cleaning standards are the same!

"The old-fashioned bucket and rag style of cleaning windows has been around since people first started adding glass to buildings in the Tudor times, so it amazes me that it has taken five hundred years to improve the technology of cleaning windows."

Ladderless window cleaners and full external property cleaning in Chester.

Windows stay cleaner for longer.

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I am often amazed at how many windows I see which have obviously been cleaned recently, but the white UPVC frames are still dirty and it's apparent that they have not been cleaned for many years.

For this reason alone, I have set-up my cleaning business to not only clean the glass, but also the frames around it and sills too. I would even go as far as to clean all the hard-to-reach areas of a property including the external and internal guttering, downpipes and even the paint work of masonry and doors.

This extra level of service not only leads to recommendations, but keeps my existing customers happy.

Covering all Chester including Hoole, Newton, Saltney, Mickle Trafford, Boughton, Upton, Broughton, Christleton, Guilden Sutton and Buckley areas.

Eight-years of window, gutter and driveway cleaning in Chester.

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Keeping your windows, cleaner for longer

Apart from the issues raised that I have already stipulated above, another problem that traditional window cleaning has underlined for me since starting my business, is the longevity of the clean.

As a professional that uses pure-water alongside the high-reach extendable pole system, I am amazed to see the difference in dirtiness that I see that my customers neighbours windows get dirtier sooner than my customers do.

The reason for this difference is very simple. Washing-up liquid! Traditional window cleaners use washing-up liquid and this leaves a thin-film of residue even after the squeegee is used. This residue then becomes a magnet for particles in the air. Those particles of dirt or dust on the next rainy day stick to the residue and ultimately the glass.

The difference with pure-water systems like I use is stark, as no residue is left behind, there's nothing for particles to stick too. The difference is very apparent because my customers windows are still very clean even after a month, were the contrasting rag and bucket cleaned windows are very much looking like they need a clean.

So for any homeowner that has a regular window cleaner, I would suggest contact a pure-water system window cleaner to see the difference. Ironically, Fairy liquids marketing slogan is, "lasts longer" but where windows are concerned. The opposite is true.

Please feel free to contact me if you live in or around Chester and I will gladly demonstrate my modern window clean system for you.

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