Driveway cleaning in Chester and the surrounding areas

"We're driveway cleaners in Chester who restore driveways and patios to bring bedraggled gardens back to their best. Our drive restoration service includes a free exterior clean of the house."

Driveway cleaners and cleaning specialists in Chester and surrounding areas.

Affordable driveway restorations.

5-star reviewed.
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  • Full driveway restorations.
  • Cleaned and sealed.
  • Free exterior property clean included.

Driveway cleaning in Cheshire include Chester, Northwich, Nantwich, Ellesmere Port, Wrexham, North Wales, Mold, Buckley, Runcorn, and Frodsham areas.

"Eyes are the window to the soul; a driveway is a window into the home."

Eight-years of window, gutter and driveway cleaning in Chester.

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See the difference.

Includes a free property clean with our driveway clean?

It would be rude not to.

The majority of driveway cleaners provide a basic level of service, but our unique service gives a full external clean too.

It's like the painters have been in, but far cheaper.

Our fantastic cleaning service will leave your whole house all shiny and new again, not just your driveway.

Additionally, our driveway cleaning service gives your drive and patio a back-to a new look. Brand new drives have a sandy-strewn about them.

We seal your driveway with a 'top of the range' sealant that not only gives the restoration a professional finish but additionally protects it long-term.

Cleaned and sealed?

What's in our restoration service:

  • Day 1 - Deep clean pressure-wash.
  • Day 2 - Weed treatment and property clean.
  • Day 3 - Re-sealed with a weed inhibitor.

(Prices vary depending on size).

The importance of weed treatment.

Not all driveway restorations include weed treatment and weed treatments are not the same.

One of the issues with weeds in driveways is the roots can travel deep down under the blocks. Standard weed treatments don't always affect the root system, and that's why I use a special non-standard treatment instead.

Eco-weed treatments are available, but not recommended.

Driveway restorations in Chester, Cheshire.

Driveway cleaning in Chester's house proud community.

Why I'm Chester's most recommended driveway cleaner?

My external cleaning service has become popular because people want to keep the outside of their homes cleaned too. I can give your property a full external clean, including your driveway clean.

Many people are so impressed; they regularly keep me as their regular window cleaner.

How many driveway restorations have you done?

Initially, I was regularly asked by my regular window cleaning customers to powerwash their driveways.

With many recommendations from those original customers, I began restoring driveways large and small on a more professional basis.

Today, I've lost count, but regularly see my workaround and about when I travel around Chester.

What type of driveway surface do you restore?

Block paving is the most common type and is the most labor-intensive. Concrete drives became famous throughout the 1990s and early 2000s and many are beginning to look a little bedraggled nowadays.

Tarmac drives get restored, but this depends on age and condition. Stone patios are becoming common today but require annual maintenance. We can quote for all types of surfaces and sizes.

What's the benefit of a seal coating?

Driveways without a seal coating become exposed to the elements and human-made spillages. I spilled car wax on my friend's three-week-old drive. I can still see it ingrained in the blocks to this day.

Seasonal environmental bombardment is inevitable, but with a seal coating, it can be cleaned far easier going forwards than without a protective coat.

What about maintaining a sealed driveway?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but an aesthetically pleasing garden is the equivalent of nice clean alloy wheels on a car - complementary.

Future maintenance becomes a doddle once a nice clean, stain-resistant surface is applied. Dirt and moss will fall away easily with a quick surface clean.

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"Fantastic" is a word I hear all the time from customers.

A job worth doing right.

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