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"I'm a fantastic driveway and gutter cleaner in Chester. Here are a few reasons why I come recommended."

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1. Pride in my work - My father once said to me, "whatever you do in life, make sure you enjoy what you do and be the best. This advice has always stayed with me, and now as a business proprietor, I know my standards are far higher than all the others, and I look forward to each day.

2. Cleaning everything - I use the high-reach system which uses pure-filtered water to give far better results than other gutter cleaners. This type of gutter clean leaves your whole property looking good again.

Stuart Lovatt from Power My Home

3. More than you bargained for - My existing customers are happy to recommend because I clean more than they initially expected. I've cleaned dirty paintwork, and customers have commented that it looks like the painters have been around.

4. Reasonable rates - I'll be honest with you; I'm not the cheapest gutter cleaner in Chester, but you wouldn't want the cheapest around your property. I would say, however, that I charge mid-range prices for a fantastic service.

5. More than just cleaning gutters - My aim as a business is to provide a full 'external cleaning' service that will keep your whole pride and joy looking it's best. My existing customers appreciate this extra level of service.

6. Privacy & security - I take your security and privacy seriously. Special arrangements can be made to increase these two vitally important factors.

7. Safe payment methods - Digital or BACS payment.

8. Friendly local daddy - A smile costs nothing, and as a hard-working local dad, you will be helping a proud father support his son. These are some of the values I hope to install one day into my son.

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