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"Stuart Lovatt has decades of website development experience to brighten-up and improves your digital world."

Web development by Stuart Lovatt who says your image matters when web sites are concerned.Welcome to Your Image Matters by Stuart Lovatt.

Your Image Matters.

Digital excellence.

In a nutshell.

I have been a website developer since the early days of the modern internet. In 1998 Yahoo, Alta Vista and Lycos were the most significant search engines and Google was only just beginning.

In the early days of my career, I created hundreds of business-oriented web sites, but in 2005 retired from working with third-party companies to work on my time-consuming digital projects and other business ideas.

I endeavoured to write 50 ways to confidently improve your business web site to help business owners with the wealth of knowledge I acquired during my time within the web development industry.

Stuart Lovatt.

My Book
5-star reviewed. (5-star reviewed)

Design and development.

  • Search engine optimisation.
  • Web site speed improvements.
  • HTML 4/5, CSS, PHP, Javacript.
  • 'Pay Per Click' campaigns.
  • Keyword research.
  • SEO training.
  • User experience improvements.
  • Web site design.
  • Web site security.
  • Schema markup.
  • Wordpress.

How I use my expertise today.

I have been using my web skills to promote the uptake of PV solar panels through my web site called Power My Home. It is here that I have tested the ground and sometimes bumped hard on the ground when acquiring my experience. Power My Home continues to be one of the most highly-rated web sites by the search engines in its field of expertise.

Power My Home PV Solar Panels UK

In my sincere attempt to improve our ailing civilisation, I turned my web and digital development skills towards the lettings industry that also seems to be failing the people it serves. Lettings101 serves lettings agencies and landlords while enabling tenants to demonstrate their good rental history.

Lettings101 Reviews & Search

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, although it's much easier to appreciate the home, business or rented property if they are clean. House Proud external cleaning was born to keep people's pride and joy looking its best throughout the four seasons.

House Proud External Cleaning

Working towards future success.

Google has made over 500 algorithmic changes this year alone. Avoid the mistakes that over 90% of business web site owners make.

If you answer, yes to any of the following, then I can help your business:

Search engine engineer and web site SEO Paying for expensive pay-per-click campaigns.
Search engine engineer and web site SEO Can't find your site on Google page one.
Search engine engineer and web site SEO Your competitors are listed above you.
Search engine engineer and web site SEO Your web site ranking have dropped.

Many designers and developers are terrific at writing code or producing flashy web sites, but do not have the skills for successful "Search Engine Optimisation". My search engine knowledge will set your business on the road to internet success.

Tweaking for search engine success.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a long-term approach to a better performing web site, but when done correctly, does bring considerable success to companies who participate. DIY options are available for web tech savvy and webmasters.

Search Engine Optimisation

Web designer.

There is nothing more off-putting to potential customers than a dated looking or drab web site. I can redesign your existing site or company branding, for a more appealing and professional, business image.

Brightening up the online world.

Web Design

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