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"I'm Stuart Lovatt with decades of web development experience that I've encapsulated as Your Image Matters."

Web development by Stuart Lovatt.

Your Image Matters.

Digital excellence.

In a nutshell.

I've been a web developer since the early days of the internet. In 1998 Yahoo, Alta Vista and Lycos were the most significant search engines, and Google was only beginning.

In the early days of my career, I created hundreds of business-oriented websites, but in 2005 retired from working with corporate companies to work on my business ideas.

I endeavoured to write 50 ways to confidently improve your business website to help other business owners with the knowledge I acquired during my time.

Stuart Lovatt.

My Book

Design and development.

  • Search optimisation.
  • Web architecture.
  • HTML 5, CSS, PHP, Javacript.
  • Campaigns.
  • Training and consultation.
  • User experience.
  • Design.
  • Security.
  • Schema.

Projects I'm working on today:

I've used my skills to promote the uptake of PV solar panels through Power My Home. It's here that I have tested the ground and sometimes bumped hard on the ground when acquiring my experience. Power My Home continues to be a highly-rated online resource.

Power My Home

Working on tomorrow's world.

Avoid the mistakes that over 90% of website owners make.

Many developers are terrific at writing code but don't have the writing skills for successful marketing. My decades of experience will set any campaign on the electric road to success.

Your Image Matters
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