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"Website design and user experience have never been so important in recent years. My design experience can help your website compete in the digital arena."

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Website design & development.

A good design retains users.

In a nutshell - If your website does not impress on first viewing, then people are far less likely to consider clicking through your website. A modern design and a more user-friendly experience will not only impress your users but the search engines too.

Search engine optimisation

A fresh look at your website strategy

Spend less on your advertising costs long-term, by using my proven SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy.

7 out 10 websites can be refreshed without major structural changes, saving you time and money.

I can help with most business website's, giving long-term search engine stability and user approval, which is crucial for a success in today's search engine world.

Creating momentum around a good website design is the key to web marketing success in the age of social networks.

Many search optimisation companies (SEO) companies would have you believe that there is technical wizardry to their skills or worse magic. Google and other search engines treat their algorithms like the colonel's secret recipe, so nobody knows the secret formula.

So how do companies get to the top of the search engine listing?

The answer is amazingly simple. Write with passion.

With the advent of social media and more to the point the "like" and "+1" buttons, search engines are now measuring the responses of the viewing public. Where once linking was the Holy Grail to search engine success, although still important, interaction with search engine users is now paramount.

Responses to website user's actions and feedback will become increasingly more important as search engines continue to tweak their algorithms.

If you love what you do, Share it and others will respond.

Add quality regular content, showing you love your niche.

Your website viewers will respond positively.

The search engines will love you. Love makes the digital world go round, if not the real one.

At the risk of sounding like a hippy, loving what you do, is the key to long-term successful web marketing. Your passion will shine through.

"Stay ahead of the competition now and in years to come."

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