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"Commercial solar owners and solar farms clean their investments diligently. Homeowners with solar panels should consider cleaning on a regular basis too."

Solar panel cleaners in Chester to maximise your systems performance.

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"A case of investing in a few cleaning pounds and the generation tariff will take care of itself."

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Why clean your solar panels?

The long-term approach towards the feed-in tariff reward given to homeowners with solar panels installed reaches into decades not years, so the importance of keeping them cleaned now begins to make sense.

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This is more of an issue with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels rather than the solar heating panels or evacuated tubes that use indirect passive heating in their daily operation.

PV technologies actually require direct sunlight to work effectively and thus why they are generally installed in a southerly facing position, so making sure the panels don't build up a film of dirt over time is essential to squeeze the maximum out of your feed-in tariff reward.

Many homeowners were sold the technology on the basis that they were "self-cleaning". The glass is coated with a microscopically thin layer of titanium dioxide. When ultraviolet light falls on the glass, the layer reacts with organic matter in the dirt, breaking it down.

However, you'll know with keeping your car windscreen clean that atmospheric dirt and dust will build up over time on any surface exposed to year-on-year weathering.

Annually, this can amount to many microns that can reduce the efficiency, albeit not to any great degree. However, over the lifetime of the panels or tariff scheme, this can amount to a considerable level of performance and thus financial reward, depending on the amount of dirt accumulated.

This is why, we recommend cleaning your PV solar panels once a year, not only to provide ultimate performance but to keep them in generally good condition to extend maximum performance.

Going back to the cleaned car analogy, you'll know that cars that are not looked after, quickly lose their shine and so the aesthetic aspect towards cleaning your solar panels may be important for you too.

With over a decade of experience within the solar industry, I can recommend cleaning your personal or 'rent-a-roof' panels to keep their longevity and lifetime performance to its maximum level. This is because long after the feed-in tariff lifespan of twenty or twenty-five years (depending on which tariff rate you or your rent-a-roof company signed up too), it's not commonly known that photovoltaics can perform up to forty years if looked after properly.

It was for this reason alone that ensuring your panels are looked after becomes important.

I know with my window cleaner experience that it's important to keep your white UPVC plastic clean to prevent dirt being ingrained into the plastic as a result of variable extremes of sunlight and temperature exposure.

Our window cleaners do as a matter, of course, to keep windows looking newer for longer than would usually be without cleaning. This principle should be adopted for solar panels too.

If you would like to know more about solar panels and the importance of keeping them clean, then please don't hesitate to contact to discuss further.

For anyone reading this without this wonderful technology; welcome to the solar century.

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