My experience with Davisons of Pittsburgh

I write this web page because I wanted to express how disappointed I was with Davisons of Pittsburgh in America. Make no mistake, I disappointed really doesn't cover this and I felt like I had been scammed.

If you are reading this, then you are probably looking to use Davisons of Pittsburgh because, like me, you want to develop a product idea you may have. I would recommend that you look elsewhere because my experience with Davions was unbelievable.

After speaking with a very charming salespeople (product development manager/expert) I was convinced that this was the company who was going to put my idea not only into prototype, but they would actually source and sell the concept to big business contacts they claimed they had. Naivety I suppose, but immaturity led to me sending them thousands of dollars/pounds of my very hard-earned money to Davisons of Pittsburgh and they would take care of making my idea an actual reality.

Concerns first began to come to light when I received no feedback after two months of agreeing to go ahead. I quickly began to know the difference between United Kingdom time and US time because I made many phone calls to check on progress. Each time I was fobbed off or left unanswered voice mails.

Finally, many weeks later, a package arrived and my excitement was quickly quashed as the contents were revealed. My excitement was quickly replaced by astonishment at what can only be described pathetic was revealed to me.

Now bearing in mind that I had sourced a professional 'product development' company and paid generously for my idea to be realised, what I actually received was can only be described as amateurish. In fact, I could have given this job to my then twelve year old niece and she could have done better.

Davisons of Pittsburgh had let me down and now I began the battle to get my money back. They were not willing not accept any fault, despite the obvious amateurish attempt to create my product idea. Unfortunately for Mr. Davison, this was 2002 and I already had seven years of web marketing experience. This is why I had to publish this web page and warn others of the appalling service that Davisons of Pittsburgh had given to me.

I doubt very much that they had the big business connections that they portrayed to have, and after threats of legal actions from Davisons lawyers and various correspondents, I finally managed to get my money refunded back in full.

I wrote this web page because I feel it is important that others don't fall into the trap of this 'money trap'. Feeding off people dreams. Taking advantage of people's ignorance of 'product development' knowledge or how big business works.

If you truly have a good idea, then don't use Davisons of Pittsburgh, but send your ideas to the manufacturers themselves. Cut out the middleman, save yourself thousands and make sure you send your correspondence via recorded delivery and if your product idea is good, then manufacturers will license your idea without the requirement of an unnecessary third party like Davison.